The Elephant will be addressed

The acceptance of the idea subjective morality can maintain civilization is is foolish because the perspective is illogical.


Subjective morality, as opposed to objective morality, is the idea that morality changes. It is the idea that there is no absolute standard for right and wrong or good and evil.


For example, someone who holds the position that morality is subjective may say that stealing is only wrong, sometimes. They may say it can be moral if the reason why someone is stealing is justified by the need of the individual. So in this subjective moral example, stealing is not absolutely wrong it. According to subjective morality, stealing is only wrong when it is fashioned or viewed as being unnecessary. The problem with this is, who determines whether it is unnecessary?


Objective morality insists that stealing is wrong and that there is no justification that would make the act of stealing morally acceptable.

The philosophy of Postmodernism has the view that there is no objective truth. Because there is no objective truth, there is no such thing as objective morality to a postmodernist.

The question is, if subjective morality is subject to something, then what determines what it is subject to. Christian values are not subjective because our morality is subject to God, who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He has revealed to us objective Truth by which morality is to be determined.


There is no such thing as subjective morality

Subjective morality does not allow a civilization to thrive because the standards by which morality is determined is subjective to a nebulous focal point. What is right or what is wrong can be determined by every individual,  body of people, or by a government entity. Subjective morality is every individual choosing what is moral. I assert that there is no such thing as subjective morality because morality implies that there is a standard. A standard that is ever-changing is not a standard at all. The prefix in the word standard, is stand. A standard must take a stance at a particular point to be considered a standard. Just as it is impossible to stand and walk at the same time, it is impossible to have a standard that changes on a whelm. In conclusion, subjective morality is illogical. Atheist claim this situation is possible, but it simply is not. 


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In order for there to be a civilization, society needs to be organized. An organization can only flourish if there are defined rules for what is and what is not acceptable. If every individual within a society can determine what they deem to be acceptable or not acceptable then there will only be anarchy.

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