The Elephant will be addressed



1. Where did it come from?

No, really, where did it come from?  Whenever an atheist attempts to explain the origins of anything, a theist can always reply with,

“Where did it come from?”. The fact of the matter is simple, it’s impossible to substantiate the assertion that something literally came from nothing.  It would take a lot more faith to believe something came from nothing than to believe that a higher life form that’s more intelligent created space and time.


2. Fine-tuning of the Universe, how?   

Not just complexity but the design of our Universe is undeniably the product of intelligence.  The design of how the vast amount of elements that are needed and work together are outside the possibilities of randomness. This inconsistency in the atheist concept simply breaks down to randomness versus design. Randomness and design are opposites. A design is the product of provisional work that relies upon an intelligence with an intent or purpose. 

Furthermore, randomness is not what most people think.  Randomness is not a situation void of causation. Randomness is just ignorance of the one crying randomness. 

The Facebook web application is skillfully designed.  Would it be rational or even believable that the code for Facebook is the product of Mark Zuckerberg randomly striking keys on the keyboard? Never in a billion years would this happen. 

If you were exploring on Mars and came to a house built would you think the home was a product of Mars' atmosphere randomly shaping dirt into a design?


3.What are the origins of the human mind?

I’m not talking about the brain here but the human soul. The immaterial element to every man. Atheist attempt to dismiss this point by saying, “I don’t believe in the soul”, but scientist have evidence to suggest that they can scientifically substantiate the claim that life can continue after death.  This article tells a story about how doctors know that human awareness continues after the body dies.





Do you know other questions atheist can't answer? If so add them in the comments.

Think you can answer these questions?

PS.  Why do they call an atheist, a-theist when they are not a theist?

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