The Elephant will be addressed


Many churches believe mime is a form of worship. However, many churches have adopted the practice of mime without examining the origins of its true purpose or meaning.
Miming is pantomime. Pantomime is a dramatic form of entertainment, originating in Roman, in which performers express meaning through gestures accompanied by music.
It began in the theater of Dionysus in Athens.  Masked actors performed outdoors, in daylight, at festivals in honor of Dionysus, the god of theater. Mime contains acts of magic, sex, and simulated nudity.  It was a vulgar and a sexually perverse form of entertainment, shunned by the Christian Church.  After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Christian Church showed great opposition to the bawdy, and indecent associations of Mime, and excommunicated all performers, and closed down all the theaters.  Despite this, the basic form of Mime survived.  As the Church began to adopt societies code of morality, plays began to appear with religious themes, many performed in mime. (G.C. Lewis TTBHH5)

This genre was very diverse but full of controversy. Most often they were indecent burlesques unto the god Dionysus in which female performers also took part in sexual performances. They featured dialogue, acrobatics, songs, and slapstick routines. During the persecution of the Christian under Nero and Domitian, mimes were used to ridicule the Christian faith on stage.  They mock the Christian faith and their God.

It is recorded in Acts 17:22-31 Dionysus was the god who inspired joyful worship, ecstasy and festivals. At these festivals and celebrations mimes, actors and a myriad of entertainment filled the theaters. On the north side of the hill is where Apostle Paul preached the gospel on Mars Hill. Paul was vexed at the sight of false idols and pagan worship that went on in the temple theatre. “Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars’ hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious. For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.[ Moffet T.]


Samuel Avital 

Samuel Avital is a professionally trained mime artist. He also teaches mime, kinesthetic awareness, and Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism).  Avital studied with the French masters of mime and is the founder of the Le Centre du Silence Mime School.

If anyone is going to know the truth about mime, Samuel Avital will be one of those people.
Avital said,"Mime is more than an art. It is a way of life. It requires metaphysical as well as physical awareness. It is an extension of the life force for channeling energies into a symphony of being. Mime is not just a skill of acting without words. It is a process of expanding the consciousness beyond mere sensitivity, time and space, and communicating clearly with artistic skill on the stage in order to reflect the human condition in our puzzled times." [1]
To put this in simple Christian terminology, mime is a method of channeling demons spirits. Mimes white their faces to resemble death. The whitening of the face is a part of the ritual in lending one's body parts or member to spirits and allowing them to take control. Once the demons spirits are channeled, they demonstrate their presence through exaggerated movements usually accompanied by music.  
Mime was also a way for the practitioners to express themselves in a genderless fashion; similar to our modern day dragqueens.  Mime is not a method to worship God.  It is a method of channeling spirits for entertainment. We need to get miming out of the House of God. Nor should it be used as a tool to attract the younger generation. 
Churches use mime because they want entertainment. They allow mime performances in the church  at the expense of quenching the Spirit of God. What good has mime in the church done for anyone? Has an unbeliever watched a mime performance in church and then decided they wanted to give their life to Christ?  Has a lay member seen a mime performance in church and said it influenced them to want to live righteously?  The purpose of the church is not for entertained but to forward the Kingdom of God.
Some pastors and preachers will hear this information and ignore it.  Don't be that person. As the people of God, we should get false god worship out from among God's people. Some Christians in this generation will call you out and call you a dummy for bringing truth to them.  They detest truth because it messes with their entertainment and fun.  Paul said we must speak the truth when it is convenient or not (2 Timothy 4:2). 
The Bible says he who hates correction is stupid.  As believers, we are not supposed to be stupid. When someone provides evidence that something like mime, is not of God we must take heed to make sure we are not giving God's praise and worship to another.

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