The Elephant will be addressed

How can anyone ignore the obvious fight between good and evil?  It's amazing how

there are people that don't believe God exists or that there is a devil. What drives the spirit behind people that want to worship Satan and defile order? What causes a person to embrace darkness instead of light when the light is what brings life. What is the driving spirit behind the opposition to good?

Whether one actually believes in God or the devil is irrelevant to the fact that God represents light, good, life, love and the devil represents the dark side, death, what's bad, and wrath. I find it very interesting how atheists will often try to protest against things that are Godly but when movies like American Satan come out, where's the protest, or where's the disrespect. Why don't we see many atheists arguing that the devil is not real? There aren't atheists that say, we need to stop promoting the Kingdom of Darkness. Could this be because many of them are under the influence of the Kingdom of Darkness? How can a kingdom divided amongst itself stand? It can't. We don't see many atheists rebuking darkness like American Satan because they are not filled with the Light.  An atheist will state, there is no God, and then ignore the spirit behind all of the evil in the world. Again, whether you believe in God it is irrelevant to the fact that this movie is promoting darkness, death, defiling order, and authority. what good could come from this? None! 

Everyone should be alarmed! A society praises and promotes things it wants to see more of. This movie, American Satan, will increase the evil and darkness in our land. There will be many young people and adults that will see this movie and will seek to go further into the dark side and away from God's light. Prepare, we are going to see more rage, defilement of authority, and chaos in America. Movies like this will rise up dark spirits and unfortunately, because of the lack of belief in God, many people will be led astray. With that said, no one should support this movie.  If you support this movie then you are supporting the efforts to destroy our land.



1 Thessalonians 5:5 Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.



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