The Elephant will be addressed

What in the world is going on. The Swedish Church has used the Bible to justify, support, and encourage LGBTQ lifestyles. This is by far a utter misrepresentation of scripture on many accounts. This is evidence that the leadership that oversees this campaign is not being led by the god of the Bible as a number of the assertions in the following pamphlet are in complete opposition of the biblical understanding of marriage and the role of men and women.
To put it plainly the devil is at work and he's operating through many organizations that identify themselves as Christian organizations. The promotion of sexual debauchery and perversion is far from being Christian.
Understand the following clearly, this is an absolute clear rejection of the holy scriptures. Let's not pretend for a split second that this is an issue of accidentally misinterpreting scriptures No. This is a blatant proclamation of denying the authority of scripture.
All I hope to highlight in this article is that the LGBTQIAPWXYZ+#>* / movement  and feminist agenda is 100% against God, Christ, the Holy Spirit at the movements core, and that Christians must stop pandering and being tolerant to these destructive ideologies that are spreading in Christian organizations.
""The Diocese of Västerås, a division of the Church of Sweden, is now giving away an LGBTQ guide for "Christian queer kids." Bible-believing Christians may be stunned to hear that this extreme guide describes Jesus as "queer" and Joseph as transvestite.

No, this isn't just some radical college course about the Bible. This is coming from the actual Church of Sweden.


The church, which identifies as Protestant, has created what it calls a "survival guide" for LGBTQ youth. A Swedish news site, Nya DagBladet, states the church's guide contains definitions and concepts, a bit about the Bible and LGBTQ, as well as Bible stories that it claims are related to LGBTQ people.""

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Below is the full text from the pamphlet. This was translated from Swedish to English using Google Translate, so be aware some of the text may have translated incorrectly.

Below are highlighted points I want to draw attention to because they are just so clearly against biblical teachings.  These things are not defendable. 



Short answers if someone says / asks

It says in the Bible that

homosexuality is wrong!

- No, it's not because the word

Homosexuality does not exist in the Bible.

(The word did not exist until the 19th century).

- The places that have been interpreted as

Do not deal with homosexuality

about a homosexual love relationship without

on exploitation or rape.

- Show me where!

- People think differently but I care

not me about what you think.

- No, but it says in the Bible that you don't get

cut the hair at the temples or tattoo

you. How do you relate to it?

Are you a girl or a boy?

- No. Are you?

- Yeah. Are you?

- Are you thinking that there are only guys or

girls and that you can see such?

- You don't have to do that!

- Why do you need to know?

Under the rainbow

you are not alone

Christian queue guide survival guide

(Page 1)

Christian and LGBTQ!

How many times should one

 need to come out really?

Defining oneself as a Christian and LGBTQ + may mean that you may

need to defend or explain you in two contexts. It's like that

- come out in two worlds and some feel that they are crashing. Especially wife

It may be if both contexts consist of people and

environments that mean a lot and are important for your identity. All you have to do

get held everywhere.

It is you yourself who chooses which worlds you belong in and no one else

can decide!

- Although we give examples of how you can respond to questions and performance

We want to emphasize this: You don't have to defend all Christians or everyone

LGBTQ people who have existed over the years just because some expect

say it. You have no obligation to answer questions or teach people

things but if you think it is fun and challenging then do it! The

(Otherwise you can just stick this guide in hand to help others.

someone who needs it and leaves the person in peace with their thoughts).

(Page 2)

Does one have to come out?

"Getting Out" is a term used when a person with an identity

who violate the norm tells about their gender identity or sexuality.

Usually it is not enough to come out once without a person can

need to come out in many contexts many times.

You decide for yourself where you want to come out and for whom. It's good if you

have the opportunity to choose to come out in context that you trust, for

it is not completely harmless to come out. You also don't have to tell. You

is completely true and yourself, even if you do not always choose to show the whole

you and all your super powers for everyone. Who does it really?

Wardrobes can lead to magical worlds

where you may be who you feel you are

The expression "out of the closet" comes from the idea that it can be experienced

as a trapped existence of having to hide their identity. That it is like that

hide in a dusty wardrobe and that it would be wrong. So need

It is not at all. Sometimes we need to hide in safe places for that

Protect ourselves and it is you who decides which places you trust

or want to get out.

- The author C.S Lewis stories of Narnia reminds us to guard

Robes can lead to other worlds where you can be the one you really know

that you are right now. In the wardrobe you might find environments you didn't think existed,

- where it is easier to be yourself in. Environments and contexts that can star

- Get yourself and where you don't have to defend what you are. Some of them together

The hang can be found online and in associations that we refer to here in the guide.

(Page 3)

Concepts and expressions you may encounter

in different contexts. One way to see the sex Biological sex

which is defined from inside and outside

genitals, sex chromosomes and

hormone levels.

 One is used by some rather than one

generalizing pronoun "man".

 Used by some as a Hen

sex offspring of

people who identify themselves as

beyond sex, both man and woman

or neither. But it can also

be used if you talk about someone you

don't know the sex on.

 When someone attacks a hate crime

person or group due to

example, their perceived sexual

sexual orientation, transgender identity

or expression or religious affiliation.

 An invisible norm like Heteronorm

- assumes that people are heterosexual

uella cis persons and the sexes man

and woman complement each other.

- All children born to the legal sex

a legal gender is written based on their

- biological sex. The legal sex re

is registered and shown in the person number.

Sweden has two legal sexes in contrast

against eg Germany and Australia.

Attribute someone a special sex

sex. Occasionally people are wrong

attributed to a gender they do not identify

- with which can mean a violation

and an invisibility. The

can also be affirmative to become

sexed right.

 Gender dysphoria means gender dysphoria

- that you suffer from, or experience the others

there in his everyday life due to the same

gender identity does not match

with the sex you were assigned to

- the birth. A common form of sexual dysfunction

Fori is what one can call bodily

sex dysphoria - that parts of the body

Don't feel right because they don't

is consistent with one's gender identity. There are various medical

diagnoses for sex dysphoria.

 That sex as a gender identity

person feels like. Just you yourself

can decide and pronounce on yours

gender identity.

- How a person expresses gender expression

is his sex. How sex expressions are coded

and linked to a certain gender

is related to the standards that exist

in that context the person is present.

It has looked different over time.

(Page 4)

norm Criticism

Understand and question norms.

 Expectations, unwritten standards

rules that are about what

is desirable in a particular context.

- Examples of norms are hetero-, two

gender, duality and whiteness standards.

 About the gender identity that pass

a person perceives himself as, is true

- agree with how the surroundings up

take it so sometimes the expression is used

Pass. Unlike "being read

as, "that expression only deals

- about how the surroundings perceive people

and not how the person himself

identifies itself.

- A word class. Word pro Pronomen

nomen means "instead of name" and

is used for the language not to be full

of repetitions. What a person wants to be

called when someone talks about the person in

- third person is called pronoun. prono

- but can be linked to gender identity

but do not have to. Everyone has

right to determine their own pronoun.

A good idea if one does not know a person

pronoun is to ask about it or

use a gender neutral one. The

cannot be seen on a person which

- the pronoun it has and some person

down would rather be mentioned by name.

Examples of pronouns may be she,

he, the, the, the, the, the, one.

 One way of thinking Queerteology

critically critical of God. Maybe one can

think queerteology as a way to

"Outa" God. Thus, they see parts of God

which were not housed within the traditional

the teachings (theology) but hidden in

A closet.

 A Queerteological Bible Reading

Ways to Read the Bible with Critical Criteria

glasses and questioning standards

about sexuality and gender or see

beyond them.

 Several parishes in Rainbow fairs

The Church of Sweden celebrates worship services as

especially welcome LGBTQ people. The

are usually called rainbow fairs and have

- often an inclusive and queerteo

logical perspective.

In the Church of Sweden Samkönade wedvings

same-sex couples can then marry

the decision of the church meeting in 2009. The marriage ceremony

goes in the same way as between one

heterosexual couple.

 Sexual orientation Sexual orientation

is about which sex they are

have, as you fall in love and attracted

  1. In Sweden you have the right to love who

You want it in the law.

 A norm that involves two sex norms

that people are expected to be either

man or woman.

(Page 5)

Definitions AZ

Sometimes definitions help us understand and organize the world, however

no definition can capture you all. You don't have to put yourself in a box

or in a definition if you do not want it yourself. You also have the right to change

you, Today you define yourself in a way and tomorrow you can change. There is

endless ways to be human.

What this definition means for you can also change. For example, if you do

defines you as a Christian so it can mean one thing now and something else

in five years even if you choose to use the same word to describe yourself


"It's just a phase you go through" maybe someone has told you. phases

comes from a time in developmental psychology when man thought that even

sexuality developed in phases which then went over if the development was

"normal". So we no longer think. You can answer adults who say so, that

it is an outdated view of human development. If it were one

phase for you, is what you know now is true and should be respected even if you

feel completely different in a week.

Remember that you are the one who decides how you want to define yourself. The

no one else can decide. It is you who decides what you are when it is

is about sexual identity, gender identity and religious identity.

Asexual A person who is not interested in having sex with others.

There are many different ways to be asexual.

Bisexual A person who falls in love with and / or attracted to people

regardless of gender. Some prefer to define themselves as pan-exual to signal that they see their sexual orientation beyond the two sex norm. But it

is the one that defines itself as bisexual which defines what the concept is

means and many bisexuals do not connect it to the two sex norm without it

can also be attracted to people who define themselves as non-binary.

("Bi" comes from the Latin word for two and "sex" comes from the English word for sex. "Pan" comes from the Greek and means everything or everything.)

(Page 6)


Cisperson A person whose gender identity and expression expresses the legal gender it was registered at birth and which
itself defines itself as Cisperson. (The word Cis is Latin and means "on."
this side".)
Gender fluid A person with a fluid or changing gender identity.
Sometimes it can feel more like a guy, sometimes more like a girl, sometimes like
an intermediate and sometimes as none of it.
HBTQ An umbrella concept for gay, bisexual, transgender people
and other people with queera expressions and identities. It is good to
note that the acronym contains both sexual orientation and gender identity. Sometimes it adds a + or other letters to include more
and sometimes the order of the letters changes to allow other perspectives
come first.
Heterosexual A person who falls in love with and / or attracted to someone
of sex other than themselves. (The word "hetero" is Greek and means different
and the word "sex" is the English word for sex.)
Homosexual A person who falls in love with and / or attracted to someone
same sex. (The word "homo" is Greek and means the same and the word
"Sex" is the English word for sex. The term homosexuality came first
in the 1860s.)
A person who is not either a guy or a girl but instead experiences himself
beyond the girl / guy division or both and or in between. non-Binary
does not mean the same thing for anyone who defines themselves as that and some prefer instead concepts such as gender, gender, intergender, nongender
or affairs.
Christian A person who somehow relates to or wants to relate
to Christianity and Jesus life, death and resurrection. There are many

(Page 7)

different meanings of what it means to define oneself as a Christian but that

is only you who decide if you define yourself so.

Transsexual A person who identifies himself more with the other binary

sex than what was attributed to them at birth.

Tranny Trans is an umbrella concept that tries to accommodate differently

types of trans-identities. Common to transgender people is that one's gender identity or gender expression does not correspond with that gender one was attributed at birth. (Trans means over or exceeded.)

Transvestite A person who sometimes or always wears clothes or other things

is considered typical of another sex than the one attributed at birth.

There are also many who do it without calling themselves a transvestite.

Some prefer to use the word crossdresser which can also mean that

one mixes male and female gender expressions. Being a transvestite is not

the same as being the pulling / dragqueen and also not saying anything

about the person's gender identity.

Believers A person who expects something bigger outside

itself. It can be a force or God.

Queer We´re here. We queue. Get used to it! The word queer comes

from English and mean odd / strange and used earlier as one

bitter words for people who defined themselves as LGBTQ people. When

The LGBTQ movement took back the word, it has been described a critical approach to norms. For many who call themselves queer, it is a way to

show that they think there should be room for other norms than heterosexuality in society and that you do not have to be in a certain way just for

that you are a certain gender and that you have the right not to define yourself. Queer is

a concept that can have several different meanings, and mean different things to

different people. Therefore, it is difficult to define the word queer in one single

way. How to look at queer and on himself is up to each one.

Loved God's definition of you, regardless of your definition.

(Page 8)

What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

Religions have played a crucial role in the repression of LGBTQ people and

Christianity has often referred to the Bible to justify discrimination and

persecution. Therefore, it may be important to know a little what really stands out.

There is not much about homosexuality in the Bible. The word homosexuality does not occur in the Bible and the expression was neither before nor

during Jesus time. It only came in the middle of the 19th century.

Sometimes some places in the Bible are lifted as if speaking against homosexuality. These places are not about an equal love relationship between two of the same sex as we think one

gay relationship today but about abuse, pedophilia

or rape.

Are there LGBTQ people in the Bible?

Many different ways of being human are described in the Bible

on and what it is to live in relation to others. Several

The lives we can read about have had a lot to do

for LGBTQ people. Gender-crossing and sexless exist

and met by Jesus with great respect. (Matt. 19:11)

Here are some examples of stories that have become important to LGBTQ people. There are more.

David and Jonathan

In the stories of David and Jonathan we can read about

strong love between two young men. "Then Jonathan again confirmed his love for David

with an oath, for he loved him equally

high as their own life. ”David and Jonathan

included a holy covenant with each other and

the text that tells if it can be read as

bible text at marriage. (1 Sam 20:17, 41-42.)

(Page 9)

Ruth and Noomi
Noomi chooses to live and have children with her mother-in-law Ruth,
Even though it means she can leave her own country and her people. Their
story has become a declaration of love that is proposed as a biblical text
to be read at marriage ceremony. A strong text for those who may be forced to leave
context for the sake of love. (Ruth 1: 16-17)
Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus
Maria is a girl who dares to break against traditional sex norms in one
patriarchal society when she chooses to listen to Jesus with
the men instead of helping their sister with the housework. Her choice
Defended by Jesus, "it shall not be taken away from her," and may give courage to them
who dare to break with expectations linked to gender. (Luke 10: 38-42.)
Joseph is portrayed as a dreamer and his father's favorite son in a great
siblings of brothers. His other celebrity feels so threatening that
he is almost at risk of being killed. In the basic texts, it seems as if Joseph
violates the norms in terms of gender expression and probably went
he dressed in a suit intended for a king's daughter. We don't know that
surely but the stories of Joseph have given many courage to dare to believe
On themselves, dare to dream and be the one they want to be despite
they risk being displaced by siblings and friends. (1 moss
37: 3-36.)
Was Jesus queer?
Jesus was in many ways a man who broke up
the norm and what was expected of him. A part
calls him queer because he through his way to
live and act challenged and questioned then
norms and beliefs. He spoke to
women, touching the sick, socializing with the outcasts
and saw children as role models. He did many
things that were considered strange and norm-breaking

(Page 10 )

He also did not defend the traditional family but broke with his

own and urged his disciples to do the same. Instead, formed

he a new family around him where he welcomed all sorts of people.

Many, inspired by Jesus, have found other ways of living than in one

traditional marriage. For example, monastic life and collective.

Jesus and love

We can read in the Bible that Jesus felt love for many. Both men and

women, some named. We do not really know what that love meant

but we know that when Jesus talks about people and their lives, he speaks

love and great acceptance for people's differences. It is through Jesus

love glasses we should look at ourselves when we feel condemned

others and feel that we do not fit in.

The name and identity

You have the right to change names, whether or not they are perceived as a typical girl name or not. If you are not of age but over twelve years old

You can make an application with your guardians' approval. If

you are under 12 years of age, your guardians can apply for you.

In the early Christian church, the baptized name changed to mark that they

had another identity. The Christian identity. The Bible tells us

Other about Saul who, after becoming a Christian, is named Paul. In the church

the name is important and is said when you are baptized. Some transgender people who have

baptized as a child wants a dip reminder where the new name is mentioned

before God.

(Last Page)

Are you a unicorn?

Do you sometimes feel that you do not fit in at all, that you are different and not

fit within the standards that exist? Maybe you feel like "both and"

in a world that requires you to choose. Or as a mythical fairytale like

Nobody believes or should be eradicated? Then you are in good company. In the early days

Church art was often depicted by Jesus as a unicorn. Ma





ybe they wanted to catch

Jesus is different, the odd thing that doesn't really fit in or can be described. Is it possible to be true God and true man in one and the same

walk? Identities as with Jesus are as impossible to divide as a twist

Unicorn horn. Perhaps the church piers also thought of the myth of the unicorn's hoof trace that carries the shape of the hearts and leaves the imprint of love

Wherever it goes. So if you are a unicorn. Be proud! You are unique and godlike.

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