The Elephant will be addressed


Coalition for Marriage's launch was interrupted by two female protesters who kiss in front of shocked onlookers before needing to be forcefully

removed by security. 


Other protestors held up a sign (shown above) that says, “Burn churches not queers”, with an archery sign. What!


This is terrible. Whether one believes in church or not is irrelevant. No one should be advocating for burning down someone else's property.  This is all in the name of, what they call “Marriage equality”.  I think wanting to burn churches down is the sad truth of the desires of many of the members of the LGBT community. They may feel it’s not time to openly proclaim it yet.


It gets even worse.  On the sign they have an anarchy symbol. Anarchy is a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.  These lesbians are advocating for chaos.


This is yet again another example of the LGBT trying to shove their sexuality in people faces.


You cannot promote lawlessness and at the same time promoting law adherence.


I hope people begin to see the spirit that’s behind the LGBT movement. 


They want moral anarchy.  The church represents morals. So in order for them to get their utopia void of morals they attack the church. They attack the church right along with atheist groups.


These feminists must be stopped. Please share


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