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The Elephant will be addressed

I don't know what all is in Facebook terms and conditions, then again who does.  Reports tell us that Facebook and other

companies are gathering detailed information about us that can reveal our personalities beyond any measure that a human could. This opens users up for being manipulated in unimaginable capacities. Personally, I think it's crossing the line and is a bit invasive. It is also an intrusion on a people privacy. We all agree to use Facebook for certain things but come on, can I use your product Facebook without giving up what I'm thinking or how long I like to stare at kittens?

They can track every word you type, every post you like, and even how long you stare at particular content. They are going to the degree of classifying people in different emotional states. My question is, is this just extreme marketing and awareness or is this deceptive manipulation? You be the judge.


Facebook takes Data Selfie

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