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The Elephant will be addressed

The human species consists of males and females.  This distinction is the classification of the reproductive roles. When children are young  we classify them as boys and girls because they are not fully mature. The way men function and behave is different than the way women function and behave. It's a part of biology. It's a part of our nature. To deny this is to deny the simple reality of what we are as a species.
NBC promotes article that suggest there is an inherent problem with raising boys and girls differently. This is a part of an agenda I continuously write about. The world has gone mad. Many people, mainly on the left suggest that we should stop making distinctions between boys and girls. This is ludacris given the fact that it wasn't by humanity's choice that men and women behave differently. God created male and female in the beginning.
The writer says treating boys differently than girls is a global issue. What world are these people living in. The reason we treat boys and girls differently is because of the obvious, they're different. It's astounding how in 2018, to assert that boys and girls are different is controversial.
The powers-that-be have a great interest to turn women against men. And they're doing a really good job at it. By suggesting there is something wrong with men being strong and able to put reason and logic over emotions, it's going to just create more havoc and chaos in our society.  We need people that can think outside of there emotions. There will be more issues as men do not fulfill the proper role of being responsible for households. 
Foolishness in a high degreee
"“Our unconscious biases direct our behavior in powerful ways, and even though you may be certain that you have no gender biases whatsoever, you may be surprised by the nuances of how these biases operate,” says Pavkovic. “Set some time aside to sit alone with your thoughts and explore the beliefs and rules you have around what it means to you to raise a boy. You can start off by writing: ‘Boys should...’ and see what comes up. The most important thing to remember with this exercise is to not be judgmental of yourself; these beliefs and rules have been passed on to you, possibly just as unconsciously as you yourself are now passing them on to your child.”"

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Boys are being told at a young age that something is wrong with them because they are male.  Think about what this will do to the mind of a child.  It will lead him to hate who he is.  This is nothing more than Toxic masculinity propaganda.  There's a war on men going on. We need more people to speak up.


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