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The Elephant will be addressed

Jackie Hill testifies about what God has done for her and people are upset. Huh? The great thing I love about Christianity is that if any person person is inChrist they are a new creation. I have seen this change happened in my own life. Jackie Hill explaines about how she used to be gay and how she was able to turn from it. That's good for her, I wish people were excited about the progress she has made.
The LGBTQ doesn't care about people. Because if they did, they would tell people about the dangers of those lifestyles. 
Regardless of if you believe there is something wrong with being gay, she's proud to accomplish what she sought out to accomplish why can't people be happy for? Why are people trying to protest her talking about the great thing that has happened in her life? It's because the media only want to support those narratives that are consistent with their postmodernist ideology.
The meida only supports those that agree with them. Or if you forward their agenda.  Some claim that a person cannot change their sexual orientation. The truth of the matter is they can. They can choose who they want to have sexual relations with. No one is forced to sleep with anyone.

LGBT rights campaigners wrapped in rainbow flags have protested against a Harvard lecture by Jackie Hill-Perry, a Christian activist and poet who claims God stopped her being gay.

Speaking at an event on Friday hosted by the religious student group Harvard College Faith and Action (HCFA), Hill-Perry told the audience there is “not such a thing as being born gay, but there is such a thing as being born broken, broken by sin,” The Harvard Crimson reported.

The poet was met by around two dozen students and faculty staff, including members of the Harvard LGBT group BGLTQ Student Life. One held up a sign at the back of the lecture hall reading: “Gay It’s in My DNA.”

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