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The Elephant will be addressed

What about the human with a tail Emoji. What about the human with wings Emoji. Have people gone absolutely mad? It astounds me how anyone can take someone serious that thinks not having a pregnant male emoji it's limiting or excluding people. I also wonder how does this stuff news. I think this is another way the people that control what we see are trying to desensitize people. There is absolutely no such thing as a pregnant male. By definition female is the sex that gives birth. Males don't get pregnant.
The reason this is disturbing is because they're implying that gender is a bad thing. This is absolute insanity. But this isn't the first time I've seen this before. I see it more and more.  Postmodernist are saying that gender is something we should get rid of. People need to be aware of this as this will have significant implications to our civilization. This will impact the way men and women relate to each other and eventually impact the family and then eventually adversely affect children.

"Adding gender to Unicode was a massive mistake right from the start," says Charlotte Buff, a German computer science student and activist.

"The basic premise just didn't make sense to me."

In Silicon Valley terms, diversity is difficult to scale: as small pictographs on a phone keyboard, emoji cannot ever hope to represent all facets of the human experience.

"Representation by specificity is inevitably doomed to failure," Ms Buff says.

What's more, Ms Buff says Unicode seems unwilling to fix the problem in a systematic way.

It was a mistake to add gender, but "now that they have done it, they stubbornly refuse to actually do gender properly".

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Why, because they can't understand the binary?  My heart goes out to these people because they need help. We live in a time where anyone can voice their feelings to many people no matter how abursed.


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