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The Elephant will be addressed

I think people just want an explanation because this looks very fishy.

Murder is a terrible evil that has been in our world since the beginning. My heart goes out to all of the victims that suffered loss in the Florida incident that happened a few days ago. However, there are just some things that I have seen that just makes a person think.
Now, before I continue let me say that I I'm not insinuating that this incident is completely fabricated however, there are some things that are rising on social media and on the internet that is at least some bit of evidence of some conspiracy working in the midst of this story.

All the major news outlets have covered what some are calling a conspiracy theory revolving around the tragic shooting that happened in Florida a few days ago. Some people are suggesting that this kid has been paid and or trained to appear on the news to push for stricter gun laws. Many suggests that David Hogg is just another agent being used as a part of plan financed by billionaire George Soros to disarm the American people. Mainstream media responds by saying, how dear people question this survivor (referring to David Hogg). Why don’t the media explain to people what they are seeing. There must be some reason why the conspiracy story keeps spreading like a wild fire.

Please understand that this post is not really about guns and it's not about any political party it's really about the media. Can the media be trusted? Are some of the biggest media networks really fake news outlets?

Do you think this looks fishy? If so leave a comment. If not, give and explanation below because many people are waiting for one.




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