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The Elephant will be addressed

Should we troll and yell, "Statue lives matter"? Recently many have become upset over confederate statues.

What is very astounding is that

these statues have never been a problem before.  I have never heard anyone say they feel oppressed because of these monuments.


This is just more media propaganda to get people emotionally fired up about race and African American issues. What demonstrates more prevalent brainwashing in America is the open perpetual degrading of African Americans that no one says anything about. It's done in the name of art and under the umbrella of freedom of expression. What am I talking about you may be wondering?


The following list are some of the most popular Hip Hop songs right now. People party, dance, celebrate to, and have sex to these songs and it's all fine and dandy but many are ready to knock down Confederate statues because they're offensive. Huh?! These monuments are being accused of promoting the destruction of the African American race. 


The number of views are from August 23, 2017 on YouTube alone.

Sigh.. When will we learn? Sigh




Everyday We Lit- YFN Lucci
"When you quick to take a nigga b!%ch, then you know you lit"
This is referring to disrespecting someone's relationships and taking another man's woman.
Mask Off - Future
"Percocets Molly (3x)...Drug houses  Looking like Peru Graduated I was overdue Pink molly I can barely move"
 This is referring to being so doped up on Methylenedioxymethamphetamine that your paralyzed. This is blatant promotion of illegal drugs.
xO Tour Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert  
"Your girlfriend call me like "Come on over" I like the way that she treat me"
 Again, this is referring to disrespecting someone's relationship
Wild Thoughts - DJ Khaled  
"Ayy, ugh, ugh, I heard that pu$&y for the taking I heard it got these other niggas goin' crazy Yeah, I treat you like a lady, lady
F#@k you 'til you're burned out, cremation"
This is promoting men to treat women like whores. Where are the feminist to speak against songs like these? The N-word is used, but it's  not a big deal to people that this has been played more than 300 million times.
Tunnel Vision - Kodak Black  
Codeine in my liver, rockin' Balenciaga denim
I'm booted even when I'm sober, I don't need a jigga
They sendin' all my niggas on a f*@kin' journey
I told that baby to come over 'cause I'm fu@k!ng horny
My mama told me, "Kill these niggas, son. Keep it going."
I'm thug to the bone, but I'm still her baby boy
This is just stupidity
 Propaganda! Open your eyes!
It's a Vibe - 2 Chainz  
It's a vibe
Get high
This my vibe, nigga
All the b!t@hs like it
 More talking about being on drugs.
Bank Account - 21 Savage  
I buy a new car for the b!$ch (for real)
I tear down the mall with the b!$ch (for real)
You can't even talk to the b!$ch (no)
She f@*k!ng with bosses and sh!t (on God)
Pull up on your b!t@h, she say that I got that ruler d!@k
This song is referring to women as dogs and it promoting breaking up relationships. These songs do not promote family. 
Which does more harm to blacks, the consistent repetition of filthy lyrics and images to portray them or statues?

When will we learn that if African Americans want to advance as a culture then cultural and family issues must be addressed. For example The Hip Hop subculture promotes everything under the sun that is reprehensible and most African Americans embrace this culture. 


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It's hard to be a productive member of society if you're lit all the time. It's hard to secure a family when you're sexually promiscuous, lascivious, and degrade women. It's hard to work a job and provide for a family if you you're in jail for violent crimes.


These are all things that Hip Hop promotes but no one says anything and these things are not even deemed offensive to many. It was hard to even read through some of these lyrics because of how horrible and filthy these words are.


Ohh, but, let's get mad at a statue because statues speaks louder than songs being played hundreds of millions of times just on YouTube alone. Not!

I don't really care about statues or things that signify past events, but what I do care about are the active promotions of debauchery to the African Americans the occur millions of times each day.
If you believe there are bigger problems than statues we must be concerned with, please share!

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