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The Elephant will be addressed


Here it is people. This is the truth about where most of society really stand when it comes to the LGBTQ.


We can understand what positions most people hold pertaining to the LGBTQ by taking a poll. I assert that ironically YouTube has openly provided this information for everyone.

I'm sure everyone is aware that June is Gay-Pride month, and like always YouTube features special content to forward the LGBTQIAP agenda. Mainstream media highlights the LGBTQ has if most people accept these lifestyles. The media presents the idea that most of the western world has changed and have become condoners of these sexual practices. However, statistics from YouTube paint a different picture.


On June 27, 2017, YouTube aired a featured video entitled #ProudToBe: Celebrate Brave Voices this Pride, that received 2.5 million views in 10 hours. This video is a compilation of many LGBTQ pride scenes.  As shown in the image below, the dislike to like ratio is telling. Note: these screenshots were taken on June 27, 2017, at 7:50 pm. YouTube's latest YouTube Spotlight video had 55,540 likes and 92,002 dislikes. This means that more people disprove of LGBTQ. This is not the only time where YouTube has sponsored an LGBTQ video and the video received more dislike than likes. The question is, why do they keep sponsoring these videos.

The Coming together to celebrate identity video screen shot is from 2016.





These statistics are important because they are unbiased and are random in some respect. 

  • The older generation that is said to be stuck in their ways probably isn't the majority here.  This should help increase the like count for this video as studies suggest younger people are more accepting of the LGBTQ.
  • This video is likely to have been the interest of and shared on many of the LGBTQ online communities.  This should help increase the like count also.
  • The fact that YouTube is promoting this should help increase the like count, especially when most videos on Youtube tend to naturally have more likes than dislikes anyway.

Although these points should have positively impacted the likes on this video, it wasn't enough. It is clear where the majority of society stands on these issues.

The CEO of YouTube should know that this was a failed campaign. I'm not even going to get into the comments on this video. All I can say is that most people were not happy with this video. YouTube needs to stop using its weight to flash perversions in people's faces. 

Honestly, some of this stuff is just downright stupid. Like the image below, two women, one black and one white with a white baby, with a caption that says, "for the right to be who we are".  What!? Where did that baby come from? The baby came from one of them when they were being who they really are. They can talk around it all they want but the truth of the matter is that this is promoting and is encouraging fatherlessness.



Ultimately my intention is to point out the fact that most of our society do not condone these perversions. Don't let the mainstream media trick you into believing if you are not for the LGBTQ lifestyles then you are the minority.  You are not. Don't let them trick you with their lies. The masses need to start speaking up aginst this movement before it gets any worse.

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