The Elephant will be addressed

Postgenderism: War on the Binary is now on Kindle


The following is an excerpt from chapter Chapter 7 - Loss of Attraction in Postgenderism: War on the Bianry


"Each and every person inescapably is affected by the assault on the binary. The binary is the foundation by which our purpose and fulfillment lie. The binary is absolutely critical for the life of every human being. It is utterly naïve to think for a second that the cultural war on the binary is not causing critical issues in one’s own life. In this chapter I seek to inform the reader how this war against the binary has caused many issues that are often overlooked or go unexplained. This is paramount as there are lives and marriages at stake."


"Have you ever wondered why in our society marriage is portrayed as something esoteric that only special people can have success in? Why does marriage seem as if only the wisest of the wise can understand? Have you ever wondered why in this generation so many people fail at marriage or will never be married? Think about it, people have been getting married for thousands of years. People have been marrying and having children for a very long time. Why with all the knowledge we have in modern times the relationships between men and women seem so nebulous and difficult when it is a fundamental part of our nature?"

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