The Elephant will be addressed

They are continually targeting the children, when will we care enough to say something?

The LGBTQ community understand that it’s harder to get adults on board with their sexual perversion than it is children.  They target young children because young children will believe all kinds of things. Find a young person that really believes in Santa Claus, and it's not that surprising.  Find an adult who pays bills and believes in Santa Claus and they'll be looked at wired and some would suspect them of having a mental issues. We treat children and adults differently because children brains are still developing and they don't have the ability to reason like an adult.  This leave children in many ways vulnerable to attacks.  This is why it is so important for caring adults to protect children.


In case you aren't aware there's a push for more transgender kids. I’m not talking about a situation where people are trying to help children who may be confused about their gender. I'm talking about a movement that seeks to highlight and promote gender confusion amongst children.


Evelyn Dickinson has a website (icann) for a project call GenderCool Project which sole purpose is to highlight and promote stories of transgender young people.


People who say they are transgender are suffering from a serious issue. In what world of sensibleness does it make sense for people to highlight and encourage this so very harmful lifestyle.

Suicide rate for transgender people is nearly 40%



With that being said, the big question everyone should be asking themselves is, "WHY WOULD ANYONE PROMOTE TRANSGENDERISM"  especially to children who are so vulnerable.

This is a no brainer. Something is seriously wrong here folks. It’s crazy how stuff like this can be in the mainstream media and people will act like this is not child abuse, or exploitation, or the sexualization of children.  It indeed is.

Like the story posted two days ago on the New York Times, titled "These Transgender Children Say They’re Thriving. They Want to Help Others Do the Same"  Boy are boys are girls are girls. Doctors are not making mistakes here, its very simple. But, the media seeks to tell people otherwise. 

People are brainwashed by the media.  Some think this is actually a good thing. People wake up.

My prayer is that these kids can escape these adults that are setting their lives up for absolute  discontentment and depression.

Children are children, they can't protect themselves . There's must be more voices that speak up for children. Will someone please think of the children? 


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