The Elephant will be addressed

When it's time to get off the Patron
I'll tell you why. The powers that control the airways are trying to encourage the younger generation that cross-dressing is cool . This is a part of the desensitization move to make people not only insensitive to men dressing like women but to promote it as a trending style. 
This man looks like a transgender who paid someone on the black market to do his surgery. Look at the way his hair is fashioned. It's fashioned like a woman's hair style. Some may say this is a gender-neutral hairstyle. I say, that's exactly what they want, to confuse and blur the lines of what is pertaining to a woman or pertaining to a man.
News flash Yung Joc, real men don't wear dresses.
This is all a part of an agenda to abolish the distinctions between the genders. We'll see more of this as the powers-that-be utilize the influence celebrities have to change the minds of people to accept this as normal.
This isn't the first time we've seen a Hip Hop artist crossdress openly trying to make a cool.
Young Thug has been seen in a dress. Cee Lo Green has been seen in a Dress. Kanye West has been seen in what looks like a skirt. Hip hop has gone transgender.
It's only a matter of time before a transgender Hip-hop Superstar arises out of the waters. It's going to be a very sad day when young boys that grow up without fathers see men dressing and acting like women as being praised as something good. 
You can thank the Black Lives Matter movement for this debauchery as this is something they encourage.

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