The Elephant will be addressed

Has our country gone mad? This is absurd, but it's even more absurd that the Army isn't joking about this.

The US Army has begun mandatory transgender sensitivity training for men that are pregnant. That's right, you read correctly. How does a man get pregnant one might ask? They can't, so it begs the question what in the world is going on in the United States with this transgender craze.

The very definition of female is the sex that gives birth. There is clearly an agenda behind the transgender movement to eliminate the distinction between the genders. What's even more alarming is the fast rate in which these things are taking place. Legislation, policies, and newly adopted practices have been acquired at such a fast rate and no one hears any explanations of these absurdities. I think the public needs to understand why the government has started to recognize men being pregnant when that is factually wrong because men can't get pregnant. The government has a plan to eliminate genders.

If female, is defined by the sex that gives birth then if men can give birth too then there isn't a distinction and genders have been eliminated. People need to wake up and speak against this madness before it is too late. Read the article here

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