The Elephant will be addressed

I'm a black male, and I believe black people lives matter for sure. Why I cannot support

the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is because it's not about helping black lives at all. They are promoting the destruction of black people.  If we want to help black people, we should focus on where black people come from. No, I'm not talking about Africa, I'm talking about the family.  Having healthy families is the key to surviving in any society.  The number one issue in the African-American community is broken homes and fatherlessness. Instead of the BLM movement focusing on the root problems in the African-American Community they are making the problem worse by promoting the deconstructing of the black family structure.

There is nothing about black men in the BLM movement's Guiding Principles. In fact, the website actually encourages only transgender black men to lead and or to allow women to drive the homes. The major problem we have in the African American Community is that there is not enough strong black man that are responsible and will take care of their homes. Black Lives Matter movement is a farce, ran by a group of angry lesbian women trying to play on untruthful rhetoric to promote their agenda. Honestly, the Black Lives Matter movement is nothing more than another LGBT movement in disguise that stems from extreme feminism at its roots.

Sorry to all the black people who really thought a movement was flourishing in our best interest.  This is just another plan of the enemy to turn our men into women.  

 These are screenshots from their site.Nothing about black men here. Yet this movement was sparked from the killings of black men.  When you see this movement in the streets, the people say this movement is to help black men.  Someone is lying.


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