The Elephant will be addressed


We often hear how racism and police brutality are the largest stumbling blocks for African Americans' upward mobility. This craze is nothing more than propaganda. There are obvious but rarely discussed devastating problems that undoubtedly are the cornerstone issues for African-Americans. If these issues are never addressed and never come to the forefront of discussion, African Americans will continue to have trouble making progress in life no matter what opportunities they have in front of them.
1. Focused on the Wrong F-word
We normally hear black activist discussing how to improve the Financial position of African-Americans. This is usually followed by some rhetoric to improve the economic strength African Americans have in a monetary sense. When it comes to the issues of upward mobility the problem does not start with Finances the problem starts with Family.
The family is the smallest firm in the economy. The family is where human capital is created. If the family (firm) is low quality, without structure, or without fortitude then the human capital (children) that is produced by this firm will be low quality, without structure, and without fortitude. The quality of the family is dependent on the relationship between the father and mother. We cannot help the economic position for blacks in a meaningful way if don't start with black families. The Greek words for economy is "household" & "manage".  If we really want to help the black community we should ask ourselves, "What does the relationship between the black man and the black women look like?" It's a crisis!  
There are many black activists that treat money has God and think that as long as blacks have money then everything will be alright. But, what good is money if your father was never around to show you what to do with it?  Out of wedlock childbearing for white people is 29%, for blacks, it's 73%. 67% of black children are raised in a single parent home.  Single parenting puts children at a great disadvantage in life for many reasons.  I'm not going to get into those reasons now. Why don't these so-called black leaders ever want to touch on this topic? I have even heard some say that we need to stop stigmatizing single-motherhood. What! Are they crazy?  We should promote for men to take care of their responsibilities because this is a major issue in black homes that many don't want to talk about. Black people don't want to talk about how black men are not taking care of their families.  For every single mother in the African-American community, there is a black man that has abandon his responsibilities. Black men must stop blaming black women for everything wrong with the black family and start being responsible for their family. Women cannot raise these boys on their own. When boys grow up without a strong father the chance of them committing crimes drastically increases.
The media has brainwashed African Americans and Americans, in general, to think patriarchy is evil. People are scared of the word. Patriarchy is just the structure of the family where the man is responsible for, provide for, and lead the family while the woman focuses on producing and raising good quality children. If we support the patriarchal structure then we'll have more men being responsible for their children.  Simply put, if we teach men that they are not supposed to be responsible for their family (anti-patriarchy), guess what, they won't be responsible for their families. This will create more disenfranchise children that struggle in society.  
It's sad, but rarely do you hear preachers and pastors speak on this topic. Many pastors and other leaders in the African-American community support the very systems that are targetted to destroy the black family. 
Some examples are: 
a.) The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Although this movement was sparked out of police brutality on black men, there is nothing in the BLM guiding principles about helping black men. Actually, this movement is aimed towards effeminizing black men and it seeks to destroy the patriarchy. I go more in depth about this in Black People Need to Stop Supporting the Black Live Matter Movement article. To make this clear, the BLM movement is saying that black men should not be responsible for their families. They are saying this because they seek to destroy the idea that men are supposed to be responsible for their families.  
b.) Planned Parenthood- If you stop black children for being born then they definitely won't have a chance. Planned Parenthood promotes for black women to stop having children and just focus on career. Margret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) said her goal was to get rid of the black population by causing them not to have children. 
It's not a coincidence that black women are the most educated in the U.S. but also the most single.
2. The Hip-hop culture  
Let me start off by saying the hip-hop culture is not African American culture. This sub-culture has caused so much damage to black people to the point where many of them cannot see themselves without this destructive culture. African Americans don't speak against the Hip Hop culture. In fact, most African American support it! It doesn't take rocket science to see this culture is debilitating.  Hip-hop celebrates everything that is bad, evil, and stupid. It promotes fatherlessness, disrespecting women, violence, being irresponsible, being a criminal, thug, prostitute, never growing up to be a responsible man, abuse of drugs, debauchery, and the list goes on.
I have also heard black leaders supporting hip-hop saying they we should use hip-hop to the help black people. What are these people smoking? Maybe Snoop Dog knows because I don't. Hip-hop artist say the foulest and most vulgar things and no one says anything.  It's crazy how if someone does not support the LGBTQIPA community leftist will label them has being hateful, but a hip-hop artist can record a song about raping people's mothers, treating women like dogs, and crime and everyone sing it and no one says anything. 
The Hip Hop culture is complete foolishness and harms African American's image but most blacks don't want to speak against it. 
Violent crime kills an economy. Why is this culture of violence never address? Business owners would love to do business in any community, but if they have to risk their lives to go to their own business they will just set up business somewhere else.
How many times do you hear a black person speaking up aginst Hip-hop?
3. Education that matters
Blacks need to understand how the world really works.  Many blacks believe that because of racism they can't participate in obtaining wealth in the United States.  The biggest factor of racism holding blacks down is the brainwashing of them thinking that racism is holding them down. If a person thinks they can't do something because racism is holding them back then they won't do anything. I am not saying that there are not racist people or that there are not sectors in society that are racist.  I am saying that in 2017 racism should not be an inhibiting problem for African-Americans. I can prove it. Nigerians that come from Africa, where in many cases are darker than African-Americans, financially do a lot better than African-Americans. African-Americans cannot claim that the color of their skin is what's holding them back because an ethnic group that has darker skin can excel in the same society. 
Black consciousness has raised in the African-American. I say to the people promoting black-consciousness, stop being racist and stop letting the color of your skin define you. How has your black consciousness helped you?  How about we raise our children right so they can have confidence and not have to pretend like they are a god or goddess to feel good about themselves.
These issues are critical but rarely does any black person want to talk about them. It's like the, don't talk about it because we don't want white people to think something is wrong with us, when everyone knows African Americans are struggling. Black people are quick to gather to protest the police or to fight for a $15 minimum wage but when a black person talks about getting black people to actually improve themselves and stop blaming white people they are called a coon or Uncle Tom. Then, those doing the name calling are the first ones screaming for Uncle Sam to give them something.
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