The Elephant will be addressed

Some question whether not white privilege is real in America in 2017. To answer, does white privilege exist, well

yes. It totally does but is often misinterpreted as something beyond the mere definition of white privilege. There's another way we can ask this question that makes the answer a bit more intuitive. Are there privileges to being white in America?  I think the majority of white privilege may stem from the simple fact that white people in America are the majority.

There are certainly benefits to being a part of the majority.  How can anyone negate this fact? This bias is a part of human nature, and we can be aware of it. But it's hard to say that this type of privilege in this capacity stems from some inherent evil that is being perpetuated in our society.

 To be clear, I am not discussing the assertion of institutional racism. I am simply talking about white privilege. 

There are benefits to being white in American like the fact that people are more inclined to sit next to you, or are more willing to speak to you, or are more comfortable around you which can make business deals or transactions go smoother than if you are different. Now, the magnitude of this benefit is also another discussion. 

Marketing Bias Does Not Imply Evil 

If I'm going to use pictures of a person to Market my product or service I'd use an image that majority of my target market will resonate with. Is this racial discrimination or is this being smart?  Just because most of the people in a movie, show, or magazine are white does not necessarily mean someone is being evil.  It just means that they are trying to appeal to the most people they can to make money. 

For people that believe White Privilege does not exist, explain to me how being a part of the majority is not a privilege. However, I don't think this type of privilege is an excuse for the conditions of most African Americans now. It's absurd to think that because whites would rather sit with other whites, this increases the single motherhood rates in the black community; or causes blacks to shoot each other. I have to conclude this with while there are certain privileges in America for being white, there are also certain privileges for being black in America.  The term White Privilege really doesn't mean anything because privilege is subjective.

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